Exhaustive list of files, stickies and tabs open on your desktop.

Information can not be shared between departments.

Uninteresting, overwhelming amount of excel sheets.

Stalling for time and working extra hours.

In order to solve such dissatisfaction,kintone landed in India.

kintone is a administrative work system that grows with company situation.

Let’s raise the efficiency of work with kintone.

Why use Kintone


Kintone is a cloud app, it’s drag & drop option and simple settings, makes it easy to create business application and operate even for beginners. We have over 100 templates and it is compatible with smartphones. Kintone is a versatile platform which can be used for all administrative work. The following three are typical applications, but kintone can be used to create over 100 applications.
    • 1.Sales/ Item management

      This app can effectively be used in sales and item management. It reduces troublesome work, for example, e-mail confirmation and excel integration and so on. This app can also be used for multi- site management around India.
    • 2.Report management

      This app can be used to format, apply, and approve all reported information, especially while reporting administrative, business, defective product and vacation report. It can reported using smartphone, then administrator receive the report in organized form.
    • 3.Purchase/ Expense management

      This app can use to app to record purchase and expenses. To prevent frauds by the person in charge, it is possible to set to leave evidence by recording. Reports can be automatically generated from the list of submitted reports, it can be exported as CSV file or imported into other softwares.

subscription charges


kintone subscription charges (price for 1 user/annum)

Light courseStandard course
※Exclusive of 18% GST.
※The service fee is supported by a one-year contract in principle.
※1 user is an account to enter and view kintone.
Initial cost of kintone
Self developmentStarter packAdvance pack
150,000Rs(Exclusive of taxes)
300,000Rs(Exclusive of taxes)
Free trial for 30 days
Free trial for 30 days
up to 5 apps
telephone support for 2 months
Free trial for 30 days
over 6 apps
telephone support for 4 months
※Exclusive of 18% GST.
※App here means software. Generally, in case of making item management, It will be 2 apps because it is created by linking company management app and business activities app. However, simple task such as business trip application would be 1 app.


1.Contact us
2.Explaining in telephone for 20 minutes
3.Free trial for 30 days
4.During the trial time, visit and create apps
5.Preliminary examination
6.Contract and Payment
※It can be introduced in a minimum of one week.
※Visits possible only within Bangalore, other areas would be online interview.

Contact us

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